My first topic was a timeline and it was about the history of Instagram. I found this topic interesting because Instagram is one of the most famous and most used apps. I wanted to look and see how it has changed over the years and it really has progressed. The second topic that I did was a survey and it was on what kind of tech company is better in your opinion. I wanted to see if people would choose Apple over Samsung or google because Apple is very popular. The third topic I did was a fake news article and it was about normal people being able to time travel and I wanted to make it seem believable.


Fake news



amazon go timeline

info graphic summary

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The purpose of this survey is to see how many kids go on their phone before they go to bed and if their parents take their phone before bed. The results show that most kids don´t get enough sleep and they wish they got more sleep. I believe that bad sleeping habits occur if you go on your phone before bed because you get addicted to watching things and it will make you say up later. Almost no kids parents make them give their phone up for the night and I don know if by doing that it will help.


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