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Real or Fake websites

Genochoice- I do not believe that this website is accurate because it doesn't have that much information about it. And it doesn't look very professional when it should look professional because they are trying to sell this certain healthcare plan which is a big choice.

Buy an Ancestor Online- I think that this website is fake because again there is not that much information and there are a lot of adds which makes me feel a little skeptical.

Dog Island- I think that this website is reliable because there is a lot of information and the ads relate to dogs which kind of makes me feel like it is reliable.

Mankato Minnesota- I believe that this website is real because all the pictures are from Minnesota and on the bottom of the site there is information on contacting different people if you are interested in staying in that part of Minnesota.

The Ova Prima Foundation- I think that this website is real because it doesn't  have any sketchy ads and all the information seems legit.

All …

leading lines

These pictures demonstrate leading lines because they are both zoomed out from the focal point and are drawn in by lines.


These are three perspective pictures of Daria. How I accomplished these pictures was by Daria standing in one place while I take the pano picture and then her running to another place making it look like she is in two places at once. The other perspective picture looks like daria is holding the water fountain but really she is far away from the fountain so she looks big while the fountain looks small.

Point of view

The object that I chose was my cat sitting in his little hammock. I chose these pictures because he is very interesting and he definitely looks different from certain angles. If you look at him from the bottom is looks like he is completely in the hammock but if you look at him from the side he is basically falling out.

Rule of Thirds

The two pictures that I took are examples of the rule of thirds. Why they are the rule of thirds is because in the first picture tho focus point is the trampoline and it is in the corner. In the picture it shows the outdoor scenery but your eye is mainly focused on the trampoline and it is in the corner. In the second picture the big holly tree is the focus point while being in the corner of the image.